Maru interviews: Guillaume Lebel & Pierre-Luc Lafontaine


So coming up this December 14th, Guillaume Lebel and Pierre-Luc Lafontaine will be premiering their short film, "Everything Fits" at Antique Skateboard Shop. If you've seen the trailer, you're probably as lost as we are in not really knowing what to expect. So we caught up with Gui and Pierre-Luc at a local diner and scratched their brains a little to give us a few words on what it is that they will be premiering.  

So boys, who the heck came up with “Everything Fits?!”

Gui: Pierre-Luc and I wanted to work on a project together since High School. He ended up moving to Montreal right after school and I’ve been doing my thing here in Ottawa.

Pierre-Luc: I had a window for 2-3 months and I wanted to work with Guillaume. I’ve always been super into skateboarding and Guillaume’s work in skateboarding has sort of been a dream of mine that he’s fulfilled. I stopped skating when I was 18 to pursue acting. So with “Everything Fits” we actually wanted to capture the vibe at Gloucester Skatepark in Ottawa.

Gui: So just to follow that up, Pierre-Luc wrote the film, I directed it and we brainstormed ideas together before it was written. It’s essentially about what everyday park life was like.

who’s all involved with the project?!?

Chris and Guillaume and one of the many nights they spent in Chris' basement studio.

Chris and Guillaume and one of the many nights they spent in Chris' basement studio.

Gui: Pierre-Luc and I of course, Neil Magadzia did all the graphics! Chris Skellzo! Best dude ever. He made the whole sound track and engineered all the audio. I essentially just came up with an idea for the music and he would take it and come up with a rough cut over the course of a few days. The guy is just super fun and easy to work with. Definitely passionate about audio and he'll be DJing the night of the premiere as well. Actors in it include Amos Davis, Phil Aubin, Sekou Kaba, Elijah Shaw, Mike Marquette, Christie Toffolo, Lindsay Taylor, Michal Beattie, Letty Gill, Vincent and Julie Gamlin. 

Pierre Luc, you’re a pretty epic actor and have been in several major productions. How does this differ from some of your other productions?

Pierre-Luc: I left Ottawa when I was 18 and it’s been 4 years as I’ve been working as an actor/director in Montreal, and for me it’s all about the thrill of coming up with the concepts and the fun experience that I had working on this. It's getting back to the basics and running with a new concept to make it happen. It’s pretty special to me and it’s purely for fun.

With that said, I still have no clue what to expect. What will "Everything Fits" be about?

Gui: To give you the big picture, it’s a bunch of ideas we had that we wanted to put into images. It’s fairly non-linear.

Pierre-Luc: Yeah, it’s inspired a lot by the works of Nicolas Winding Refn (*who directed “Drive”), before he went to the Hollywood scene, he worked on a lot of pretty epic underground independent movies with a form of narration where you don’t fucking understand what’s happening and the scenes don’t necessarily fit with the next, but there’s a documentary feel that’s very interesting and that’s really what we were trying to experiment with. Even though there isn’t a clear story, it’s really to portray moments.

Any Last words:

Gui: This movie is an experiment, so it’s a discovery process for both Pierre-Luc and I. It’s not like "Horn" or my other skate videos I’ve worked on, but it’s a thinking piece and we hope that people all have different perspectives and conclusions on it. 

"Everything Fits" premieres December 14th at Antique Skateboard Shop. It will premiere alongside Jordan Wiens' 7 minute skateboard epic "Albanious". Andrew Szeto will also be releasing his third rendition of the Mother Fucker series, "Even More Mother Fuckers." This years 60-page hardcover featuring all things ottawa, will include the likes of Adam Scarabelli, Captain Tom, Chris Skellzo, Jack Hillman, Letty Gill, Adria Nadler, Kevin Stark, Sam Lind, Aaron Cayer, Josh Boss, Chris Marleau, the making of "Horn", boobs, dicks, never before seen vietnam photos, and many more. Food will be provided by the Gouda Life, and DJ Chris Skellzo will be on the tables spinning some jazz and stuff. We hope to see you out.

Find out more about the event and RSVP on facebook.