Recycled Skateboards "1905" Paddle

Recycled Skateboards "1905" Paddle


Made partially of recycled skateboards, our paddles are ready to see the water! Made from walnut, ash, and broken/repurposed skateboards, this 60" inch feather styled paddle will have look great cutting through the water, or hanging on your wall! 

Our paddles are finished with 4 coats of epoxy. They'll treat you well for day trips on the lake and as decor on your walls, but we wouldn't recommend charging white whiter or extended trips in the wilderness. We provide a 1 year warranty with your purchase, so if there are any issues, let us know!

For maintenance, keep these bad boys out of the sun and dry them down after a paddle. Paddles can be refinished at your discretion and videos on how to re-finish to come!

1% of proceeds go towards "1 Percent for the Planet" and 4% of proceeds go towards "For Pivots Sake and Girls+Skate 613"!


Length: 60”

Blade dimensions: approximately 6" x 22.5"

Finish: 4 coats of epoxy!

Weight: Approximately 2 pounds


ps. we're open to producing custom paddles as well! shoot us a message about what you'd like and we'll try and make it happen (*1 month production time required).

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