The Maru 2014 Agenda


A project in the works since the beginning of the year, we've put together a 12-month, weekly agenda featuring 12 of our favourite photographers. Designed by Meaghan Isaacs, this agenda hits on many facets of life, including skateboarding, fashion, food and even camels, the works of Patrik Wallner, Tommy Zhao, Magida El-Kassis, Kelly Brisson, Sarah Dea-McGregor, Jordan Wiens, Terry Worona, Spencer Edwards, Josh Hotz, Jack Hillman, Curtis Rothney and Pete Miles are strewn throughout the pages. 

Unfortunately, we couldn't make a full production run of this, but have made it a downloadable pdf for those interested in having them printed locally. Next year, we'll definitely be putting this to print with a fresh look! You can download the agenda here.