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They Come at Night

Added on by Andrew Szeto.

Wow! What an evening. Many thanks to everyone who made it out last Saturday for our release party and premiere! Special thanks to Marc at town restaurant for a brilliant food arrangement, Elise Tomalty for helping us out with sales, Peter Turner for providing the most excellent of tunes all night, Antique Skate Shop for the venue and Jordan Wiens for an incredible showing. The Spring/Summer collection featuring the art of our great friend Drew Mosley is now available in the shop and the first 5 orders over $75 will get a free Maru x Opinel no. 8 knife. Lastly without further ado, here's the full length "They Come at Night" featurette: 

Trip to Hell: by Jordan Wiens and Josh Hotz

Added on by Andrew Szeto.

Trip to Hell is an annual skateboard trip that a handful of Canadian skateboarders out of Ottawa embark on. It's quite literal to the name in which it's nothing but mayhem for the number days that this trip lasts. This year, photographers and videographers Josh Hotz and Jordan Wiens produced an awesome little zine alongside a well composed edit of exactly what this mayhem looked like. We were super stoked to be able to support the project and wanted to provide a sneak peek of what you'll find in the zine! Also, below you'll find the amazing edit that Jordan's produced! We hope you enjoy!


you can pick up your copy of the zine at antique skateboard shop for $15. get them while they're hot!

Thursday Theatre

Added on by Andrew Szeto.

a couple of videos really tickled our fancy this week, so we figured we'd share (*just in case you haven't seen them already). 

first off, in light of all the craziness circling around the new terms and conditions for instagram, our good friend andrew norton posted a pretty solid little clip featuring mike blabac and grant brittain sounding off on their thoughts of the social media giant.

if you haven't checked out his first season of "The Photographers Series," we highly recommend it! It's definitely some of the inspiration behind this brand. Plus, Drew is honestly the best fucking dude!

Additionally, if you didn't make it by our event on Friday night, Jordan Wiens also premiered his 7 minute skateboard epic, Albanious. It's now available on vimeo and on our 4GB Maru USB sticks available now in the webstore.

Happy Holidays yo!!