film por vida

hmmm... worked on a handful of prints earlier this week. if you've been working with us, or are apart of the film por vida print exchange program, look forward to a handful of these potentially coming your way!


film por vida (fpv) was a print exchange program (pep) started by jai tanju out in san jose, california. simply put, its a collective of various photographers from across the world, exchanging prints with one another. it's awesome whenever a new/random print arrives! for us, it invokes various emotions depending on the photo, it makes you curious about who the individual who shot the photo is, and it's not a damn bill! haha anyhow here's a quick video of jai explaining what the fpv pep is, himself...

if you get one of these bad boys, shoot us a print back! also feel free to send one our way (*at the address below) and we'll likewise shoot you one back. additionally, you should sign up for the exchange program yourself! shoot more and have fun!

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