Tuesday Tutorial: Dave Dugdale

So we're starting off a new column for the new year called, "Tuesday Tutorial." While we're probably beat 9 times out of 10 on the technical side of things, we don't actually plan on producing these tutorials ourselves, but these will be a mix of awesome tutorials we find online as well and certain tips that we film along the way with friends. Here at Maru, we truly believe that there is no end to learning new techniques in whatever you're doing!

Dave Dugdale, from learningdslrvideo.com/

Dave Dugdale, from learningdslrvideo.com/

Of late, we've been looking and learning a ton about filming with our hdslr setup. As most professionals can tell from our videos, we're fairly new to the game and quickly trying to up our production value a bit haha. Anyhow while doing our research, we found a really awesome youtube channel from Dave Dugdale. This guy is a monkey genius (*even though he would never admit it himself). His videos span from very solid how-to's, to various product review & comparisons along with his own montages from time-to-time. While there are countless videos out there that are fairly wretched in nature, Dave tell's it like it is and does so in a fairly comprehensive manner from a very modest perspective. Below is a montage of his work with the Konova K3 slider, which we've recently purchased because of his solid review:

Also very pertinent to folks who lurk between the amateur-to-professional range who are contemplating whether to go Nikon or Canon for HDSLR video, Dave does a very solid job (*in our opinion, the best comparison out there) in comparing both the Canon 5D Mark III alongside the Nikon D800.

Anyhow Dave's the man and we highly recommend his youtube channel if you're getting into HDSLR. Over the last year alone, he put out 68 videos and greatly affected our workflow. Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for more Tuesday Tutorials!