Thursday Theatre

So wasn't really expecting to make this post, but ended up watching one too many amazing videos not too. Anyhow here are 3 videos that we came across today that we couldn't not post...

First off, our friend Patrik Wallner has come out with a new short. From a quick vacation to Myanmar, Patrik's pieced together a handful of awe-inspiring clips that really capture what he describes as "one of the most photogenic countries" he's ever seen. It's a no brainer that Vimeo's gone ahead and selected it as one of their staff picks.

Keep an eye out for a project we're currently working on with him!

Secondly, Sitka out in Victoria, BC recently released a trailer for their upcoming ramp video, "Into the Thicket" featuring the likes of Chris Haslam. We could spend hours on the Sitka video page as every video is a masterpiece. Most of these are filmed by Ben Gulliver. Anyhow can't wait for this flick to drop.

Color and the Zenga Bros have released "Fun City". Filmed at Leeside during Halloween, this video's got all the Vancouver homies in it! It's a great time and also chosen as a Vimeo staff pick. Soo sick!

Lastly, but not least, Alien Workshop has dropped their latest episode of Life Splicing. If you haven't already seen it it yet, it's incredible and here it is again most likely haha, cheers!