Maru x Ross Proulx x Magpie Jewellery

As apart of support local month here in Ottawa, Canada we had an opportunity to create a piece of jewellery with Magpie JewellerySo for our latest piece, we worked with designer, Ross Proulx who has created for us his interpretation of our brand. 


In Ross' words, "I wanted to take the classic gig poster and apply it to their brand. So I ended up creating this wise owl with a Leica camera around it's neck, just symbolizing the storytelling aspect." We ended up taking the camera out of the poster to create a money/tie clip.


Every tie-clip comes with an 18 x 24 screen printed poster (while quantities last). The clips themselves are made of 100% sterling silver and are custom-made in Canada. They may take up to 4 weeks to produce, but we'll have it to you before Christmas! Additionally, 10% of all proceeds go towards the Ottawa Food Bank and it's only available for the month of November. You can purchase the clip here or at any of Magpie's 3 stores in Ottawa.

Tonight (Nov. 6th), we'll also be having a vernissage of sorts at Magpie in Westboro (430 Richmond Rd.). If you're in the Ottawa area, we would love to see you around! Here's the link to the event.