film por vida mondays: samuel milianta, takeshi abe, mark taylor & emily flores

always the best getting mail from awesome people! expect something coming your way soonish!  

samuel milianta:

fpv002 copy.jpg
fpv003 copy.jpg

takeshi abe:  rad times with nich kunz i'm guessing? you can always expect the best stuff from t.abe! thanks again for the "i am reposting it" sb journal!

fpv008 copy.jpg
fpv009 copy.jpg

great to hear from mark taylor out in cape breton, with a photo from xinjiang, china! everything is awesome mark! thank you brother! 

fpv004 copy.jpg
fpv005 copy.jpg

last but not least, a setup flick from emily flores out in ann arbor. thanks for the flick emily, and cool sticker on the back! 

fpv007 copy.jpg
fpv006 copy.jpg