"it's in the book y'all" - august 2013

so this post has been a long time coming, but it's basically to highlight a lot of awesomeness happening magazines that have come out here in canada and internationally!


the first and foremost is japan's skateboard journal! sent to us from our good friend takeshi abe


flipping through the pages, we actually noticed one of the photos from the "I am" section, featuring MxMxM's Keishiro Takashima, with a banging ollie. Keishiro's one of the dudes filming with our good friend and japanese filmer Jima!  it's good to see the homies getting some solid coverage out there!


the part we we're super stoked on, was the stuff from takeshi of course! behind the cover, and these film por vida flicks seen above from the gallery showing in san francisco, takeshi has graced the pages of sb with what he's gotten out of jai tanju's awesome print exchange program! below are his many 4 x 6's, 5 x7's and even 8 x 10's from the print exchange program (*including a handful of ours too)! 


the second magazine we would like to feature is the latest kingshit magazine. our good friend and halifax photographer, curtis rothney, had the pleasure of shooting the cover for this latest issue!  


the cover photo is from his trip earlier in the year to san francisco with a handful of canadian skateboarders! particularly stoked on the two photos of geoff strelow, including the urban diptych of geoff's hardflip over the double set! 


it was also really good to see a shopkeeper on our good friends and stockist, antique! the homies are always having that fun fred penner styles!  


lastly, but furthest from the least, our good friends at color put out a really banging issue with the cover (*one of them at least) graced by the gonz. jam packed with an article on his 15 years with adidas, the fogo island of arts, a photo feature from kynan tait and a tattered ten with the ATL twins, this issue was nothing short of what you'd expect from our favourite canadian magazine. we were even fortunate enough to actually get a little feature in this issue too!  


it was super rad to see a feature on one of our ex-canadian skate photographers, terry worona! he talks a bit about what he's doing out there, and it includes a banging kf backtail he shot at clipper with euro jonatan drab. keep an eye out for some work with terry to come out by the end of 2013! support these mags in the meantime!