Maru & The Greater Good Presents: TREJO


So over the past few weeks, we have had the pleasure of working with our friend, Kevin Kelly, from The Greater Good design studio here in Ottawa. We shot and edited a piece with our favourite underrated skateboarder, Trevor Paquette a.k.a TREJO! A mix between Trejo's powerful shreddery and Kev's use of the "time collapse" editing technique, we present you with a little Friday Feature:

We also had a chance to catch up with Kevin to find out more about the edit!

M: Kev! So how did this project all come about?

I'd been meaning to collaborate with Maru on something for a while and recently came across this video I thought it would be rad to attempt a skate version... with a bunch of near misses/collisions. 

Trejo doing his thing and throwing up a frontside air.

Trejo doing his thing and throwing up a frontside air.

M: How did you go about layering Trejo in? What's the style called and where can folks potentially learn more about it?

I looked for sequences that seemed to work well together and just overlayed them trying make sure Trejo didn't run into himself. Then started moving stuff around so that it timed better. The technique is called "time collapse," searching around on vimeo will certainly reveal some other approaches to it.

M: We had a few shortcomings (mainly we blew it with some of the filming haha), can you let the folks know what they were and how we could do it better for the next time?

Yah, I think we definitely learned a few things. Mainly to do all the shooting in as short a timeframe as possible... The daylight changes quite a bit over the span of an hour, making it tough to match the footage in post... It's why this has a double exposure look to it. Next time, I'd say we shoot different sequences, more footage, more resolution and on a sunny blue sky day.

M: PS. what's The Greater Good and what are you guys working on these days?

The Greater Good is our studio. We are essentially a bunch of independents with varying backgrounds who share space and projects if it makes sense. My background happens to be motion graphics / 3d / video content, but we also have illustrators, designers, developers. 

M: Any last words? Thank you sooo much for the edit too mang! Everyone's super hyped!

Anytime. It was super fun to work on. Trejo rips. \m/


Check out more rad stuff from both us and Kevin via our instagram accounts:

Kevin Kelly & the Greater Good: @kevjkelly

Maru the Circle Brand: @maruthecirclebrand

Have a great weekend y'all!