Elliott Strikefoot x Regreta Brown Sticker - Photo Contest

Hey y'all! Things are slowly in production, but in the meanwhile, we've got new stickers and are having a little photo contest. The latest sticker is by SPAO Graduates and former teachers, Elliott Strikefoot and Regreta Brown. Inspired by Wes Anderson and Stefan Sagmeister, Elliott and Regreta spelt and shot our brand name out of old cinetiles amongst trinkets they've picked up over the years. Here's a quick interview about their process, followed by our contest details!

maru: so what's the concept behind the photo?

Regreta: we know we wanted to spell out maru somehow and experimented with different backgrounds and concepts before ultimately finding our inspiration in wes anderson's stylized still lifes from his movies.
Elliott: typography, i am also inspired by wes anderson, but i can say that Stefan Sagmeister was right up there for inspiration with this project.

maru: where did you get all these sweet textures from? ie: speckled plate, plaid and floral sheets.

Regreta: These are all things that I have picked up over the years, I like to have different textures to use as backgrounds for photographs as well as different props.

Elliott: Regreta is the best at finding these hidden gems at thrift stores or garage sales.

maru: who shot the photo?

Regreta: Elliott shot the photograph as well as post production, lighting, holding the reflector, anything technical; I try to take on the role of the director (because i'm bossy), handling the set design and concept.

maru: the cinetiles are super sick. I am particularly feeling the white on white and almost wanted to run that one for print too! where are those from?

Regreta: Those are old cinetiles I picked up at a thrift store a few years ago, I was pretty stoked to use them for the first time. That shot turned out sick, that one was Elliott's idea!

maru: how did you guys ultimately execute the photo that we're sending to print?

Elliott: got a good breakfast in us first. then we set up near some natural light and used a silver reflector to bounce some light back in the dark parts. Regreta set it all up, put the letters in their place and i shot from above. boom! 

maru: what projects are the both of you guys running outside of this one?

Regreta: I'm working on a small batch of t-shirts with some of my animal head prints, and different items that I sell through Goods.

Elliott : ive been making zines. I also have been playing around with popsicle flavours, just today i made watermelon/basil. all fresh, all good!

maru: You guys are judging this Maru sticker contest, what will you guys be looking for?

Regreta: A cool image that represents the brand well. 

Elliott: if i remember it, you're doing something right.

Maru Sticker Contest Details: Shoot a photo with our brand name in it somehow and submit it by October 15, 2014 for a chance to win $150 cash, one of our new custom canvas camera strap and be the next sticker featured for the Spring/Summer 2015 timeframe. Send submissions to circle@maruthecirclebrand.com!